Used Rolex Datejust

Used Rolex Datejust

Used Rolex datejust the ultimate in elegance. in each article of this series we focus on a very specific model. this is the time of the Rolex Oyster Perpetual Medium 77014.

The Rolex Oyster Perpetual collection is distinguished from the Rolex Lady-Datejust, the best-selling women's watch on chrono24, due to the absence of the date and a lower starting price. with its 31 mm this model is very discreet, but at the same time the knurled bezel gives it the iconic look of Rolex Oyster watches. a combination much loved by celebrities too. During the time Rolex was founded, wristwatches were not very popular and were difficult to find.

Initially the brand's objective was to convince the male public to appreciate this new fashion. Rolex soon succeeded, launching the legendary waterproof Oyster case and the automatic perpetual movement onto the market. 12 years after the great success of the datejust, the Geneva brand presented the lady-datejust with the typical dimensions of 26 mm and 28 mm.

Despite the absence of the date display and a slightly larger case, the oyster perpetual is no less fascinating than the datejust; it is also available in multiple sizes, from 24 mm to 39 mm. all these models enjoy the great prestige of rolex, which has remained unchanged over the years. Due to its 31 mm, the Rolex Oyster Perpetual seems to go against the grain or return to the classic fashion of jewel watches.

The current trend is in fact another, as can be seen from the sales numbers: more and more women prefer cases of at least 36 mm and therefore prefer models such as the explorer, the submariner and the daytona. by purchasing this model you communicate a very specific message: classic women's watches are still appreciated and must remain on the market.

Find out more about the Rolex Oyster Perpetual with reference 77014 in our video! in fact, we are aware that, given the popularity it enjoys, the Rolex brand is subject to numerous counterfeits. Despite this inconvenience, it is easy to recognize fakes because they are specially made for a public aware of not buying an original. their workmanship therefore does not claim to imitate the originals.

However, we know that some might try to be clever and if you are not too expert it is easy to risk making mistakes. with the aim of making you acquire greater awareness as you intend to invest in rolex watches, or simply because you are an enthusiast, we give you some little advice that may prove useful: when you buy a new rolex you must know that it is accompanied by a box made to hoc for each model. the casing itself is valuable, made of leather or wood.

It should be remembered that Rolexes are also accompanied by some accessories including the guarantee certificate, the purchase receipt, the instruction booklet and the leather document holder. if it is a particularly dated or discontinued model, some of these elements may be missing; in these cases it is always best to rely on the evaluation of an expert dealer.

A further distinctive aspect of Rolexes is the seal, red or green in colour, equipped with cords. the watch always has the serial number and model engraved inside the body (Rolex does not engrave on the external case). obviously they must correspond to what is reported in the documents.