Rossi Orologi Guarantee

All watches are subjected to an inspection and inspection by specialized technicians, who will subsequently issue a Rossiorologi guarantee valid for 12 months.
In its Milan headquarters, Rossiorologi boasts a modern technical laboratory for repairs, equipped with the most cutting-edge equipment and specific tools.

Each watch is completely dismantled, the movement is examined, cleaned, oiled. All components are checked and, if necessary, replaced with exclusively original spare parts.

Personal watch page

Each warranty is linked to its own personal watch page, where you can find all the related technical details now.

To access the page, simply hold your Rossiorologi guarantee close to your mobile phone or an NFC reader.

1.A notification will appear on the screen

2.Enter your password (corresponds to the model indicated on the warranty)

Finally your personal page will open

How to activate NFC on my mobile phone?

It depends on the model and operating system. In general:

  1. Android: Settings > Wireless & Networks > (More) > NFC
  2. Windows Phone: App list > Settings > Tap & Share > NFC Sharing
  3. Apple: The most recent models can read the NFC tags without the need for an app: to proceed with the scan, simply unlock the iPhone, bring it closer (from the camera area) to the Rossiorologi guarantee.

For older Apple models, but updated to the iOS 14 operating system.
Simply, by unlocking your iPhone, opening the settings and in "Control Center", in "Additional controls", selecting the NFC tag reader with the + button.
At this point, by lifting the Control Center curtain from the bottom, you can select the NFC reader.