Used Rolex prices

Used Rolex prices

The cost of a Rolex is influenced by various factors and consequently the used Rolex prices vary for the model, but also its customizations.

The range is very wide, as there are many types of Rolex for men or for women, classic or sporty. The cost of the Rolex then affects the price history of the watch itself: this is the case of used Rolex or vintage, the price of which can be relatively affordable or reach dizzying sums at auctions, depending on age of the watch, the state of conservation, the rarity and even of the presence of a famous owner, such as a political personality prominent person or a movie star Elegant, timeless, always at wrist of the most famous celebrities and historical figures who have marked the history of the last century and the present one.

Classic Rolex are watches loved all over the world and have always been considered a symbol of elegance and very high technical quality. While the price of new Rolexes varies depending on the model and customizations, the price of used Rolexes also depends on the history of the object and its state of conservation. It's not uncommon for classic watches worn by famous stars of the past to sell for several million dollars at auction!

The prices of used Rolex have undergone various variations. Some of these new watches have prices starting from €30,000, such as the Rolex Day Date, but there are also cheaper models, such as the Date just available starting from €8,000. The prices of the Rolex Date used just vary on average from a minimum of around €3.380 up to €5,900, while the same new one can cost on average €8,000, rising up to €35,000 with particular models and customizations. The Rolex Date just was created to celebrate the fortieth anniversary of Wilsdorf & Davis, the ancestor company of Rolex, in 1945.

The name Date just appeared on the dial for the first time in the early 1950s, chosen from several proposed words, such as Rite date, Victory Jubilé and (the latter term later went on to identify a specific type of bracelet). It is an iconic watch for Rolex: it was the first waterproof wrist chronometer to display the date inside a window on the dial. The Rolex Date just collection also includes women's models, whose prices can vary greatly: yes it ranges from the Lady-Date just in platinum with diamonds, which exceeds €35,000, to the Lady-Date just 28mm in steel with pink dial and Oyster bracelet which can be purchased for €5,800.

Like the Rolex Date just, the Rolex Day-Date also boasts a record: it is in fact the first Rolex wristwatch to display the date and day of the week on the dial. The price list varied like used Rolex prices in the first model which was created in 1956, with reference 6511, and was made exclusively in 18kt gold or platinum with the possibility of mounting a diamond bezel. Immediately the Rolex Day-Date positioned itself as one of the flagship models of the Rolex brand, with a starting cost of €20,500 and an average price of €35,000 (although it is possible to find cheaper models: in particular, the price of used Rolex Day-Dates can start from around €6,000 €).

Always a symbol of luxury, the Rolex Day-Date is sold in exclusive boxes, with larger dimensions than those of other Rolex watches. it can be found on the wrists of many leading figures in politics, economics and illustrious figures who have made their own contribution to the destiny of the world.