Used Rolex submariner

Used Rolex submariner

The company has been dealing with the sale of new and used luxury watches such as the used Rolex submariner for years, of which we will try to delve into the technical aspects that may concern the purchase of used Rolex to help you choose with the utmost awareness. The company sells only authentic models in perfect condition in its physical store; but it is in our interest to make all the tools available to you to be able to make an independent evaluation of what is proposed to you to fully appreciate our professionalism. furthermore we are also online on the chrono24 website and, although we also guarantee maximum security on that platform on the models in our possession, we want you to feel completely at ease in choosing the perfect model for your desires.

We all know that the web is the channel for finding opportunities, but there are many inexperienced people who risk being scammed. at the same time there are those who, out of fear of falling for a scam, will never purchase a precious timepiece online and miss out on excellent purchasing opportunities. We absolutely don't want you to find yourself in this situation.

The objective is to highlight all the aspects that may be relevant to purchasing the perfect used Rolex for you. if you intend to buy a used watch your choice can only fall on the rolex brand. in fact, we know that every year the watches of the Swiss maison win the record as the most requested watches on the second-hand market. in fact, there is a constant increase in enthusiasts, collectors and people who wish to invest in the Rolex brand. Thanks to the prestige acquired by Rolex since its birth and the fame it enjoys, a second-hand market has developed that affects the whole world.

Come and visit us in our shop to discover our watches and get all the information you need. the fact that you can interface with us through our dedicated assistance or by coming directly to our store can certainly make you feel safer. Let's see together what are the things that shouldn't be missing when buying a used Rolex.

Request the guarantee certificate when purchasing a used Rolex. The guarantee certificate is a document issued by the Swiss maison which certifies the authenticity of the watch. it is provided for the first time by the seller when purchasing a new Rolex, obviously accompanied by purchase documents such as the receipt.

The reference and serial code are shown on the guarantee, thus producing an unmistakably unique document. The serial code of a Rolex is a unique identification number which, in most models, is shown between the lugs of the strap located at 6.00 o'clock. therefore, for greater security in purchasing an original product, it is possible to verify the existence of the serial code on the timepiece and make sure that it coincides with the one reported on the guarantee.

The serial code also allows you to check whether it is a stolen Rolex. this happens because those who are the unfortunate subjects of a theft can contact official retailers or the most well-known second-hand shops to warn them of what has happened. following the report, the retailers themselves will contact the police to recover what for many does not just represent a luxury object because it contains a high sentimental value.