For sale used Rolex

For sale used Rolex

All products on the site are on sale at authorized Rolex retailers, subject to availability. To guarantee authenticity, I sell used original Rolex only at authorized Rolex retailers.

Rolex does not sell its watches through the website nor does it guarantee the authenticity of watches sold online. Rolex invites users to contact the nearest authorized Rolex retailer. All Rolex watches are assembled by hand, with extreme care, to meet the high quality standards of the Brand. However, this level of attention may reduce production capacities and high demand may limit the availability of some models. The new Rolex watches are available exclusively from authorized, regularly supplied retailers who independently manage the allocations of the timepieces to their customers.

Contact authorized Rolex retailers for model availability. Rolex reserves the right to modify its models on the website at any time. Although Rolex attempts to accurately represent the shapes and colors of its products on the website, they depend largely by the monitor used and can therefore be perceived differently.

Despite the efforts made by Rolex to ensure the accuracy and updating of the information on the website, If I sell used Rolex Bergamo I do not have to give a guarantee or make any representations regarding the contents of the website, which is provided "as is" ( as well as). To the fullest extent permitted by law, Rolex is not liable in any way for any direct, indirect, incidental or consequential damages, loss of data, revenue or profits, punitive damages and/or third party claims resulting from the use, access or the inability to use the information and/or products on the website or any damage resulting from or in connection with the use of the website.

Furthermore, Rolex disclaims all responsibility for any damage caused to, or viruses that infect, computer equipment or any property resulting from access, use or browsing of the website or from the downloading of information from the website. of one or more terms, conditions or provisions of the Terms of Use Agreement does not affect the effectiveness of the parts of the Terms of Use Agreement deemed applicable by the competent courts.

How the service works. What is meant by maintenance if I sell used Rolex watches in Bergamo? What are the steps in the maintenance service of a Rolex? What is the maintenance service? When you bring your watch to a Rolex service center, it is completely disassembled and its components are cleaned using ultrasound. Every single component is meticulously examined and those that no longer meet the functional and aesthetic requirements of the Brand are replaced with original Rolex parts.

The movement is carefully lubricated, then tested using electronic tests to ensure accuracy; case and bracelet are meticulously treated to regain their shine. Your Rolex watch is subjected to a series of rigorous tests and technical checks to guarantee its waterproofness, autonomy and precision. After a full service by Rolex, your watch is covered by a service warranty.